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With drones being the latest trend for your everyday enthusiast, Toys"R"Us wanted to create a buying guide which displayed the differences between skill level, features and price. There are many drones in the market and my challenge was to create a user friendly experience that encapsulated the main objective, educated the end-user and showcased drones that Toys"R"Us itself recommended.

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UX Research
Competitive Analysis


In order to accomplish the Business need, I had to put myself in the mindset of potential users by creating personas. This allowed me to understand the different user types and how each person represented a group of individuals that were interested in purchasing a drone. I then had to understand the competitive landscape to see what other retailers were doing in that space. Based on my research findings, I quickly transitioned into prototyping the experience on a white board. There were three types of drones I had to solve for while keeping in mind SEO. Creating one page featuring three drones would have had major SEO implications because the keywords would have been diluted. I decided to showcase the drones on three separate pages to better rank from an SEO perspective.

My Process


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By having a separate page for each drone type it cast a wide net for potential customers. In understanding the different purchase journeys I was able to meet the demand and capture the customer's intent.

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The final design consisted of four separate pages. The first page allowing the customer to then drill down to which drone that were interested in.

My Process
My Process

With a simple yet elegant visual treatment, the user was able to quickly get informed about the different drone types. In addition, they were able to view Toys"R"Us recommended drones. Each drone page had an easily accessible shop now call to action.

My Process


The experience had roughly ~50,000 page views which yielded in high engagement numbers for Toys"R"Us. I helped solve for a need by providing an easy-to-use experience where customers learned about differences between drones and then were provided recommendations to suit their need for a potential conversion.


SEO plays a major role in any digital experience and should be accounted for alongside the UX process.

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