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The challenge was to create a microsite that brought a rich and comprehensive experience to the user with detailed in-depth information and agile navigation.

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Interaction Design
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Through UX research and analytics, it was clear that customers desired nursery ideas featured by Babies"R"Us while searching for products. With this in mind, I created a simplified shopping experience by having all of the room visuals on a single page. This allowed customers to have quick visual access of different room setups where they learned more about each product, could add products to cart or purchase an entire collection. With all these rich features, nesting parents where easily guided to set up the perfect happy place nursery of their own!


Check out the Axure wireframe

This particular wireframe was probably the most detailed and most annotated wireframe I have ever produced. Every single feature was detailed with size, dimensions, short descriptions and functionality. This provided clear communication to both the designers and developers.

My Process

The desktop wireframe was provided via a sticky navigation, so that everyone was able to readily understand the complete experience early in the wireframe process.

My Process

The quick view feature was an important aspect of this experience. As a result, I made sure the quick view feature was highlighted in the wireframe specs. Users were able to add the product to cart, or view the product within the Product Description Page directly from the lightbox.

My Process


From design to development, the detailed specs, dimensions and interactions planned were followed closely. The final design accurately mirrored the wireframe.

My Process
My Process
My Process


The experience had 137,057 page views which yielded in high engagement numbers for Babies"R"Us. Because it was a single web application this allowed the customer quickly see each room nursery at a glance.


Single web applications have their pros and cons. On the one hand, they provide a seamless experience which keeps the end-user engaged, while on the other hand, there is a performance degradation. In order to mitigate these issues one has to leverage technology effectively in order to overcome them. For example, some industry standards are to lazy load the images, load images upon a click event, or preload images where applicable.

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